Jarrod Clowery and the Norden brothers - Boston Marathon victims funds

The Boston Marathon bombings is a tragedy that has affected everyone who claims Boston as their home. If they weren't affected directly it seems everyone knows somebody knows somebody who was killed, hurt or maimed. As the smoke cleared great stories of heroism emerged, and are still emerging- most from the hospitals and the rehab facilities- from the victims themselves. They inspire they believe there is more good than bad coming out of all this. The American flag tuna tail print was inspired by those stories. I had made the tuna tail print a while ago but never marketed it- i decided to use it for some good and thought there was a nice connection between that and a couple of the victims being fans of the Wicked Tuna show.   Prints were given to two of the victims and were brought by the crew of F/V Tuna.com and they were also visited my the crew of Hard Merchandise. the majority of the funds raided from my prints will go to them.

You can see more of their stories here. 


Jarrod Clowery's fund 



Norden Brothers




May 08, 2013 by Joseph Higgins
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