Nantucket- Best Of Beach

If you are visiting Nantucket - you can find my prints right on Straight Wharf at Best of the Beach.  Cary carries a few select originals, framed reproductions and unframed matted prints - as well as cards and nautical charts. Before your buy a print

2 Straight Wharf  Nantucket, Massachusetts 02554  

 (508) 228-6263

May 19, 2014 by Joseph Higgins

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Joe's Fresh Fish Prints in Salem is my flagship store. It's where I make most of my prints and it's in a really cool town. Salem is about half an hour North of Boston and is accessible by the MBTA  trains all year round and by the Salem Ferry which is seasonal ferry from Boston. Summer Hours are 10-5 7 days a week. Winter Hours are Wednesday- Sunday 12-5- but best call 978-944-1709.

Pete's Fresh fish prints in Nantucket

My friend Pete has set up shop in Nantucket.  Pete's Fresh Fish Prints.  He opened the shop after seeing my shop in Salem and I helped him open his shop the first year. Half the prints on the walls were prints I created and I thank Pete for that.   I suggested using the same name and logo- hence "Pete's Fresh Fish Prints" to get him going-even designed his t shirt.  Pete started making prints for locals on the island and had his unique style but slowly the prints started to look an awful lot the ones I had been selling. Same papers, same technique of white block printing ink on colored blue mulberry paper, and even the same square red chop as a signature. I also gave him my source for the same reclaimed cedar frames. They looked pretty much the same. Talk about confusion, oh well live and learn :)  Pete no longer has room for my prints - but you can still find them on Nantucket on Straight Wharf, right after you get off the ferry at Best of the Beach. I suggest visiting both shops and compare styles, Pete does a nice job on his prints-- and if you catch fish on Nantucket he's your guy.

October 01, 2012 by Joseph Higgins