Pete's Fresh fish prints in Nantucket

My friend Pete has set up shop in Nantucket.  Pete's Fresh Fish Prints.  He opened the shop after seeing my shop in Salem and I helped him open his shop the first year. Half the prints on the walls were prints I created and I thank Pete for that.   I suggested using the same name and logo- hence "Pete's Fresh Fish Prints" to get him going-even designed his t shirt.  Pete started making prints for locals on the island and had his unique style but slowly the prints started to look an awful lot the ones I had been selling. Same papers, same technique of white block printing ink on colored blue mulberry paper, and even the same square red chop as a signature. I also gave him my source for the same reclaimed cedar frames. They looked pretty much the same. Talk about confusion, oh well live and learn :)  Pete no longer has room for my prints - but you can still find them on Nantucket on Straight Wharf, right after you get off the ferry at Best of the Beach. I suggest visiting both shops and compare styles, Pete does a nice job on his prints-- and if you catch fish on Nantucket he's your guy.

October 01, 2012 by Joseph Higgins
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